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Space for the beneficiaries made up of technicians, technologists, professionals and teachers of the different TI Talent calls, from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies to publish and show the result of their work and / or product to cancel the scholarship. Credit granted to them by the National Government for the study of an IT career.

All the projects and developments carried out by the different beneficiaries of the IT Talent calls must be uploaded in the IT Talent section of the Public Software Portal, complying with the Open Source terms and conditions. The projects loaded in the IT Talent section will be part of the Bank of projects and public initiatives open for any entity and / or citizen to download and reuse; promoting innovation and collaboration within a digital economy and entrepreneurship scheme.

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image proyect
Gestión de bases de datos, con el fin de aumentar la calidad de las mismas e incluir y ali
image Contrato de aprendizaje sena
Es una aplicacion (base de datos) que me permite almacenar informacion de manera ordenada
image Rutas Por Colombia (RPC)
Rutas Por Colombia (RPC) es una aplicación web, que responde a necesidad de crear una mane
image Visualización Ordenamiento Territorial Colombia
Visualización de Ordenamiento Territorial Colombia, permite el acceso a información acerca
image Sistema para la gestión de información de procesos de investigación
Desarrollo de una herramienta de software libre para la gestión de información generada po

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