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ICA - Live Helper Chat

image ICA - Live Helper Chat
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Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural
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Tecnologia ICA - OTI
Apache License 2.0
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Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario - ICA
Sitio Web
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Sábado 05 de Mayo, 2018
URL Video:
ICA - Live Helper Chat - (Herramienta de Chat adoptada por y para el ICA). Es un espacio de comunicación del ICA con la ciudadanía, sobre aspectos de sanidad agropecuaria.
• Multiple chats same time • XMPP support (IPhone, IPad, IPod, Android, Blackberry, GTalk) basically any device who supports XMPP messages. • See what users are typing before they send a message. • Multiple operators • Send delayed canned messages as it was real user typing • Chats archive • Priority queue • Chats statistic generation, top chats • Resume chat after user closed chat • All chats in single window with tabs interface, tabs are remembered before they are closed • Chat transcript print • Chat transcript send by mail • Site widget • Page embed mode for live support script or widget mode, or standard mode. • Multilanguage • Chats transfering • Departments • Files upload • Option to take website screenshot see what user see • Chat search • Automatic transfers between departments • Option to generate JS for different departments • Option to prefill form fields. • Option to add custom form fields. It can be either user variables or hidden fields. Usefull if you are integrating with third party system and want to pass user_id for example. • Cronjobs • Callbacks o Closed chat callback o Unanswered chat callback • Asynchronous status loading, not blocking site javascript. • XML, JSON export module • Option to send transcript to users e-mail • SMTP support • HTTPS support • No third parties cookies dependency • Previous users chats • Online users tracking, including geo detection • GEO detection using three different sources • Option to configure start chat fields • Sounds on pending chats and new messages • Google chrome/Firefox notifications on pending messages. • Google chrome/Firefox notifications for new messages. • Browser title blinking then there is pending message. • Option to limit pro active chat invitation messages based on pending chats. • Option to configure frequency for pro active chat invitation message. You can set after how many hours for the same user invitation message should be shown again. • Users blocking • Posibility to integrate with google analytics event's tracking • Top performance with enabled cache • Windows, Linux and Mac native applications. • Advanced embed code generation with numerous options of includable code. • Template override system • Module override system • Support for custom extensions • Changeable footer and header content • Option to send messges to anonymous site visitors, • Canned messages • Informing then operator or user is typing. • Option to see what user is typing before he sends a message • Canned messages for desktop client • Voting module • FAQ module • Online users map • Pro active chat invitatio • Remember me functionality • Total pageviews tracking • Total pageviews including previous visits tracking • Visits tracking, how many times user has been on your page. • Time spent on site • Auto responder • BB Code support. Links recognition. Smiles and few other hidden features :) • First user visit tracking • Option for customers mute sounds • Option for operators mute messages sounds and new pending chat's sound. • Option to monitor online operators. • Option to have different pro active messages for different domains. This can be archieved using different identifiers. • Dekstop client supports HTTPS • Protection against spammers using advanced captcha technique without requiring users to enter any captcha code. • Option for operator set online or offline mode. • Co-Browsing • Automatic translations (Bing or Google)
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